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Lanseria Flight Centre

Student Pilot Accommodation

Lanseria Flight Center offers student pilot accommodation in well appointed private apartments in secure estates on a self catering basis.

Student Pilot Accommodation

Lanseria Flight Centre Accommodation


LFC offers secure and comfortable accommodation for our student pilots, that includes:

  • Each student will have their own room
  • Maximum of two students per bathroom
  • Relaxing environment
  • Across the road from shopping centres, banks etc
  • Tranquil setting, conducive to studying
  • Dedicated daily shuttle to and from the airport training facilities
  • Weekly laundry service
  • Comfortable and convenient facilities
  • Should you require alternative accommodation, there are many options, lodges, hotels, B&B’s in the area and we will gladly assist in finding you the right solution to suit your requirements.

Payment Terms: An accommodation reservation does require a deposit on booking. On arrival an upfront payment for the minimum duration of your stay is required.


Flight Training programmes

Flight Training Private Pilot License

Private Pilot Licence

Carry passengers | Fly for business or pleasure

Whether you plan on flying purely for pleasure or a career, you have to start at the beginning. The Private Pilot’s Licence is where your adventure in aviation starts.

Commercial Pilot License

Commercial Pilot Licence

Single Engine | Multi Engine

A commercial pilot’s licence is the last phase of a series of training modules to be completed before you can submit your licence to the SACAA and finally receive your Commercial Pilot’s Licence.

Frozen Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL)

Frozen ATPL Licence

Multi Engine Instrument Flight

A Frozen ATPL License is when a candidate currently has a Commercial Pilots Licence with an Instrument Rating and has completed their exams towards their Airline Transport Pilots Licence.

EASA modular professional pilot training

EASA Frozen ATPL License

Modular frozen ATPL training programme

Progress with little or no previous flying experience from Private Pilot’s License to a Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL) level with ‘frozen ATPL’ and Multi-Engine (ME) Instrument rating (IR) in approximately 15 months.

Aviation and flight lecturers

Ground School

Lecturers for all the theoretical aviation subjects

Lanseria Flight Centre offers comprehensive training required to obtain the Private Pilot’s Licence, Commercial Pilot’s Licence and Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence.

Flight Training Night Rating

Night Rating

Command your aircraft after sunset

A night rating allows you to act as pilot in command of an aircraft after sunset until sunrise giving you more flexibility to adapt your time schedules after dark or early morning.

Pilot Instructor Rating

Instructor Rating

Add experience and value to your CV

An instructor’s rating will give you the edge over a pilot who does not have the rating, providing you with one more avenue that you can use to gain hours and experience. It also adds experience and value to your CV and career in aviation.

International Students Pilot Training

International Students

Add experience and value to your CV

We offer Pilot Training for International Students. We have an excellent reputation for training students from all over the world as far afield as the Middle East, Asia, most countries in Europe and Africa, North and South America.

Hour Building Packages for Pilots

Hour Building

Add experience and value to your CV

Our Hour Building Packages for Foreign Student Pilots can be done by easily obtaining a Holiday Pilots Licence Validation. Take advantage of our great weather,over 200 runways and a high standard of flying recognised worldwide.