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Lanseria Flight Centre

Hire & Fly

Lanseria Flight Centre offers a selection of aircraft available for Hire and Fly.  You will require a check ride if you have not flown one of our aircraft within the preceding six weeks.  Take advantage of these aircraft to hour-build or fly for pleasure.  You will have the freedom to transverse Africa for business or adventure!

Hire and Fly



Lanseria Flight Centre have much experience in coordinating Flying Safaris. There is a wide variety of certified runways, situated not only in South Africa but right through a select number of countries within the SADC region.

Contact us with your requirements and we will help you to take advantage of the efficiency and effectiveness of a pilot licence in Africa for both business and pleasure!

Save time when visiting your office branches, mining locations, farms, and arrive exhilarated, refreshed, and ready to carry out an exceptional day’s work. Business in Africa just got better!


Validations and Safety Pilot


Pilots on foreign pilot licences will require a validation.  You are welcome to take a safety pilot with you on hire and fly should you find that you don’t have the time to complete a SA CAA Validation. 

If you take a safety pilot hire, their accommodation and meals will be for your account.


Aircraft Hire and Fly
Validations and Safety Pilot
Sezna hire and fly



The aircraft currently available for hire and fly are the C172s and C182s. The minimum requirement is a Private Pilot’s Licence which has to be current.





You will also have to take out excess insurance cover on a monthly or annual basis.


Hire and Fly Insurance

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