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Pilot Training

International Students

Lanseria Flight Centre offers Pilot Training for International Students. We have an excellent reputation for training students from all over the world as far afield as the Middle East, Asia, most countries in Europe and Africa, North and South America.

Pilot Training for international students in south africa

Pilot Training for International Students


The process for International students to join Lanseria Flight Centre is:

  • Complete our online enquiry form or contact us via email with your request.
  • A quotation and visa requirement information will be sent to you.
  • If you would like to proceed a Skype interview may be conducted.
  • Return the enrolment contract to us along with a copy of your passport and proof of payment.
  • We will send an acceptance letter, medical insurance cover and proof of residence.
  • You will need the above when you apply for the student visa at the South African embassy.
  • When you receive the student visa forward a copy to us along with a copy of your airline tickets.
  • We will meet you on arrival in South Africa at the airport and commence your training.


International Students

VISA Requirements & Process For International Students

visa requirements for international flight pilot students
Visa Requirements

Converting a Foreign Licence to a South African Licence


Foreign pilots that would like to convert their PPL, CPL or ATPL licences to a South African licence.

The process for foreign pilots to join Lanseria Flight Centre is:

Scan a copy of your last 3 pages of your log book with a 12 month summary and a full copy of your current licence to us.

We will submit these documents to the SA CAA for verification, depending on your CAA you may be required to contact them, complete a form and pay a verification fee.

When the verification process is complete you will be issued a SA CAA licence number, you will be required to write three examinations for a VFR licence which are Air Law, Meteorology and Flight Planning, an additional exam for a IFR licence, Instrument and procedures IR, and a medical.

On completion of the Exams you will be required to do a flight test, then your licence will be issued.

Welcome to Lanseria Flight Centre, we look forward to training you!

Obtain a Private Pilot Licence
Foreign Pilot Licence