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EASA Frozen ATPL With Lanseria Flight Centre, South Africa

Over the past 3 years LFC and their UK based partner Aviation Training Resources have been working to set up the EASA license training that commences in South Africa and concludes in Europe for the issue of an EASA frozen ATPL.

The following are the key advantages of following this route for an aspirant pilot.

  • A much lower cost than equivalent training providers in EASA based fully in the EU
  • Year around good weather with an average of 320 days per year of good flying weather which helps with rapid completion of the training course. We have examples of students who have completed the full SA CPL and Instrument Rating based element in around 9 months.
  • The flight and theoretical training syllabi for the South African licence closely mirror the EASA standard, unlike the of the USA. The training is set up for the eventual EASA license conversion
  • Very easy Student Visa acquisition without all the strictures imposed by the USA for example.
  • Excellent advanced Simulators with accurate aircraft handling characteristics and 280° wrap around screens and visuals that realistically represent weather and even movement of traffic on the roads etc. Most other simulators, even type rating models do not have much more than 190° wrap around screens.
  • An approved Multi-Crew Cooperation courses is available and an optional Jet Orientation or Airline Preparation Course can be arranged if required.
  • The EASA exam preparation is carried out seamlessly with our EU partner and lectures are provided by experienced ground instructors with supplemented video linked lectures for the mandatory element.
  • Excellent student self-catering accommodation which includes transport provide at a very attractive package price. Local shops provide all modern conveniences with very good produce at very economic prices.
  • The new Upset Recovery Training course (mandatory from the 20th of December 2019) is in place and meets and exceeds the EASA requirements.
  • A wide range of world class attractions are local to the facilities and opportunities exist to visit Wildlife reserves and enjoy stunning African vistas in the course of the training. Visits by aircraft to Victoria Falls and the Okavango Delta are just couple of “training adventures” that can be included in the course of the training.

Why international student pilots train with Lanseria Flight Centre in South Africa

  • Internationally recognised high standard of training and licensing
  • Large training capacity at schools in the region
  • Flight Training and academics based on the British system at very competitive prices.
  • Warm, but temperate climatic conditions ideally suited to flight training throughout the year. No Monsoon seasons.
  • Visa process very much more reasonable and accessible than those in the UK, America and Europe.
  • Very moderate cost of living compared with that of UK, Europe and the USA
  • Large population of people originating from the Asian Sub-continent with a wide range of traditional cuisines available.
  • Exceptional opportunities to explore and visit and view Africa’s incredible fauna and flora as part of the training programme.
  • Post graduate work opportunities for suitable candidates.

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